Color In Every Room – How to Add Surprising Pops of Color

Beige and gray can be nice, but everything needs some nice pops of color to brighten things up and set the mood in a room. You don’t have to be very adventurous to find unique ways to bring more color in to cheer things up!

Color is expressive. It has personality and even has power to change your mood if it is one tone versus another. Color can enliven a space or cause it to be more relaxed or serious. Color really is number one when it comes to home décor and design.

To help you think creatively when it comes to bringing color to your space, here are some out-of-the-box ways to add color in every room:

  • Photo from an Interior Design project we completed in a Medina home.

    Photo from an Interior Design project we completed in a Medina home.

    Windows: Whoever said you had to stick with neutrals or toned-down patterns for your drapes, curtains and blinds? Put up some billowing, bright, apple-red window panels in the dining room to dress up the space. Or install citron yellow folding shades for a cheerful window-top pop.

  • Furniture: Sure, neutrals might be ‘safer’ and more versatile for design changes, but they are nowhere near as much fun as a vivid lime upholstered dining chair! If committing yourself to bright color for long-term pieces is hard, why not go for the removable kind of seat cushion instead? Side tables, headboards, ottomans and other secondary furniture pieces are also lovely places to incorporate vibrant shades.
  • Accents: Pillows are one of the easiest ways to add color to a space without breaking the bank, but there are more accents and décor pieces out there to use for color pops! Think trays, vases, knick-knacks – even lampshades! Colorful accessories on a neutral palette allow for a lot of flexibility in your space.
  • Tabletop: Apple green glasses for everyone! Think a little bit differently when it comes to your tabletop settings and centerpieces. Get colorful with your serving ware, incorporate some vivid items in the centerpiece, or go bold with the table linens. The table is supposed to be a gathering place – encourage a cheerful mood!
  • Storage: You don’t have to stay with the eggshell white closet doors and plain fixtures – wallpaper the inside of your closet with something vivacious and exciting! Better yet, cover the whole door in a vivid hue or upholster it and add some texture with nail head trimmings.

We wish you the best as you bring some color to your spaces! Be sure to stop by our store near the University Village in Seattle for some fabulously colorful pieces, and we’d be happy to offer some tips and suggestions.

All About Graciela Rutkowski Interiors Style

Back in March, Graciela had a fun chat with Cristin Priest over at the Simplified Bee blog. That conversation really brought out what Graciela and our whole team are trying to do within the world of home décor and interior design, so we wanted to take it a step further on our own blog.

Renz_2281Let’s start with the walls, and specifically, paint color. Graciela told Cristin about her favorite paint colors – Revere Pewter, Hale Navy, and Raccoon Fur from Benjamin Moore, and Seed Pearl from Pratt and Lambert. We love the grays and dark colors (Graciela is partial to black) because it gives a strong foundation to whatever palette you’re using in your room. Neutral walls offer a versatile backdrop to all sorts of colors and styles.

Graciela’s style, and the style of GG Home, is “casually elegant. Classics with a bit of modern thrown in,” as she told Cristin. How does that play out in practice? We keep the classic furniture shapes, with modern additions like Lucite, bright and shiny colors, and leopard print. In fact, no room is complete without a bit of leopard print, according to Graciela.

Relating to more than just style, we recommend that people splurge on the sofa in your family room, pillow fabrics, bed linens, and lampshades. The emphasis is placed on the areas and things you spend the most time with – your family room sofa is probably the most-used piece in your home, and you spend a huge portion of your life sleeping. Plus, the pillows and lampshades are the little extra details that really add punch and personality to your space – and you deserve some little luxuries here and there.

In the Q&A with Cristin, Graciela advised that people save on expensive custom tiles and the bedroom furniture. “I know, we all want to think we will use that beautiful Chaise, but it’s probably going to just hold clothing,” she said as an example – totally something lots of us do.

Graciela Rutkowski Interiors style comes down to elegant, but approachable design. Color is a must, and playful additions like leopard print and fur are fun textures and patterns that we really love to bring into a space to display personality and casual elegance.

What’s iconic to your style? Is there something that no space in your home is complete without?

Animal Attraction

Created by Scalamandre in the 1940s for Gino’s restaurant in Manhattan. According to the Scalamandre website,  the Italian restaurant was owned by a friend of Franco and Flora Scalamandré. The pattern was based on Flora’s original artwork, with a nod to the swanky safari themes that were popular at the time. Scalamandre added the fabric line in 2011, and it remains one of their most beloved patterns

Kate and Andy Spade’s NYC apartment

Scalamandre Zebras in the original Masai Red at Gino’s (which sadly closed in 2010)

Wes Anderson was also a fan of the zebra wallpaper, which he used for Margot Tanenbaum’s bedroom and bathroom in the 2001 movie The Royal Tanenbaums.

Windermere Cup Inspiration


Nautical Jar at GG Home


Nautical Jar at GG Home


Nautical Jar and Ottoman at GG Home

 With the Windermere Cup and Opening of Boating Season happening last weekend in Seattle, we have seen a lot of nautical inspiration. There is nothing quite like being on a boat in Seattle and cruising around the lakes and Puget Sound. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and we feel extremely blessed to live and work in this amazing city. Even though we don’t personally have a boat, we have many things in GG Home that are “boaty”. Come in and check out our nautical décor.


seashell displayglass jarchris craft 2

Lee Industries Leggy Lucite

lee ottomanIMG_4095[1]IMG_4094[1]We love Lee Industries, so you can only imagine our delight when we received a shipment from them this week. It was like Christmas around here opening the box. Once we all calmed down and gathered our breath, this is what was sitting in front of us. Words cannot describe how beautiful this ottoman is. It is a metallic leather … perfectly shiny and set upon four perfect legs … LUCITE LEGS! It would be the perfect addition of glam to any room, yet it could be masculine as well. It is an amazing piece. Pop into GG Home to see it.

Currey and Company Hedy Chandelier

GR Lifestyles Lana Chandelier by Currey and Co

GR Lifestyles Lana Chandelier by Currey and Co

I absolutely adore this chandelier.  It is the Hedy by Currey and Co. and although it’s been around a while, it is one of my favorites.  What do you think?  It brings a smile to my face every morning when I walk into work.  Happy Wednesday!