Decorating the Patio: Get Ready for Outdoor Dining!

It is THAT time of the year again—the time we all dread cleaning off our patio or deck, patio furniture, and making our outdoor dining areas into something that feels magical. Spring cleaning work can be hard—but it’s absolutely rewarding in the end! With the right furniture, fabrics, lighting & decorative pieces, your patio or deck can host the highlights of the summer!

Here are a few things to consider as you start getting ready for patio season:

  • One of the biggest decor factors to a patio is the house it abuts. Think about the colors of the house, and the natural flora & fauna around it, that may be good spots to pull texture & color inspiration from.
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    If its time to invest in new patio furniture, consider the size of parties you anticipate having. A four-seater table may be perfect for a family, but it gets a bit cramped when you want to have some friends over for a good cookout. Of course, the size of the patio or deck is an additional limiting factor—but you can change the arrangement based on how many people you’d like to be able to fit!

  • Consider patio furniture an investment. All too often, people find the best sale for a decent set of patio furniture, cushions, or decor without really considering the longevity of those pieces. Deals are great—but a quality product made out of materials that aren’t going to rust, fade, or bleed will last for years. Your outdoor furniture will face a LOT more wear & tear than your indoors stuff—so plan accordingly!
  • Decorate with living things! One of the wonderful things about outdoor decoration is that there’s a much bigger opportunity to plant, garden, and decorate with flowers, bushes, trees & more.
  • Consider the path of the sun—and adjust accordingly. It is wonderful to have space to have a sunset dinner or a late morning brunch on the patio—but the sun can be too hot & too bright for some! Invest in an umbrella that’ll fit the table size that can be tilted to move with the sun. Trees & ivy-covered lattices are an excellent way to provide shade on a hot day, too!
  • If you’re a summer nights kind of person, consider ways to illuminate your patio—both overhead and at the feet. There are lots of really fun & eco-friendly ways to light up your patio! Check out your local home improvement store for solar powered pathway & string lights!

There are endless possibilities for the look & feel of your patio! As you get ready to do the spring cleaning, remember last year’s memories & look forward to the ones you’ll make this summer!

A Color for Every Season: Four Colorful Decorating Tips

Seasonal decorating is a superb way to refresh your home decor without totally overhauling your look, taking too much time and/or effort, or breaking the bank. Adding a splash of color (or two) to your home might be just what your living space needs to make the transition from winter into spring and then spring into summer. If you’re getting ready to spruce up your space to match the season, take a look at these four decorating tips for colorful, seasonal spaces!

Renz_054-011. Before you choose your colors, consider the new season’s changes in light that will affect the room. Take into consideration if the light is going to be cool (winter) and add a blueish hue, or warm (summer) and add a yellowish tone. In high-rain seasons up here in the northwest, light tends to be well-diffused and neutral which works well with high-saturation colors. If there’s a lot of bright light in the room, think about avoiding super-bright colors & whites that will be uncomfortable to look at when they reflect the sunlight.

2. As you’re evaluating WHERE you can add a splash of color, think beyond adding a bouquet of flowers to the room. (Of course, we LOVE using flowers to decorate!) Think about swapping out throw pillows, blankets, curtains, and lampshades—or adding color accents to shelves (flowers, carefully selected books, decorative accents, etc.). Without committing to a major overhaul, there are a LOT of areas you can add or swap out colors!!

3. Think about how patterns or plain may influence the appearance of your space. If your current decor is mostly patterned, consider accenting with bold single-colored pieces. If your decor is mostly flat colors, think about how some patterned curtains or throw pillows may add to the feel of the room! Especially in the spring, a tasteful floral pattern or a bold geometric pattern might be just the thing!

4. Research trends & this season’s colors. For example, Pantone’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid (18-3224)—which is a light orchid purple color that compliments nearly any neutral theme well. Take into consideration whether you want to go with the trends, or fight against them!

At the end of the day, choosing colors to decorate with is all up to you. It’s your space—do you love how it looks? Have you refreshed your decor lately? What colors did you use?

Color In Every Room – How to Add Surprising Pops of Color

Beige and gray can be nice, but everything needs some nice pops of color to brighten things up and set the mood in a room. You don’t have to be very adventurous to find unique ways to bring more color in to cheer things up!

Color is expressive. It has personality and even has power to change your mood if it is one tone versus another. Color can enliven a space or cause it to be more relaxed or serious. Color really is number one when it comes to home décor and design.

To help you think creatively when it comes to bringing color to your space, here are some out-of-the-box ways to add color in every room:

  • Photo from an Interior Design project we completed in a Medina home.

    Photo from an Interior Design project we completed in a Medina home.

    Windows: Whoever said you had to stick with neutrals or toned-down patterns for your drapes, curtains and blinds? Put up some billowing, bright, apple-red window panels in the dining room to dress up the space. Or install citron yellow folding shades for a cheerful window-top pop.

  • Furniture: Sure, neutrals might be ‘safer’ and more versatile for design changes, but they are nowhere near as much fun as a vivid lime upholstered dining chair! If committing yourself to bright color for long-term pieces is hard, why not go for the removable kind of seat cushion instead? Side tables, headboards, ottomans and other secondary furniture pieces are also lovely places to incorporate vibrant shades.
  • Accents: Pillows are one of the easiest ways to add color to a space without breaking the bank, but there are more accents and décor pieces out there to use for color pops! Think trays, vases, knick-knacks – even lampshades! Colorful accessories on a neutral palette allow for a lot of flexibility in your space.
  • Tabletop: Apple green glasses for everyone! Think a little bit differently when it comes to your tabletop settings and centerpieces. Get colorful with your serving ware, incorporate some vivid items in the centerpiece, or go bold with the table linens. The table is supposed to be a gathering place – encourage a cheerful mood!
  • Storage: You don’t have to stay with the eggshell white closet doors and plain fixtures – wallpaper the inside of your closet with something vivacious and exciting! Better yet, cover the whole door in a vivid hue or upholster it and add some texture with nail head trimmings.

We wish you the best as you bring some color to your spaces! Be sure to stop by our store near the University Village in Seattle for some fabulously colorful pieces, and we’d be happy to offer some tips and suggestions.