Spring Cleaning: 6 Ways De-Cluttering Improves Your Life

With winter warming up and the sunshine making its yearly debut, it’s time for spring cleaning. A clean sweep of your home can work wonders not just for drawer space and interior aesthetic, but for your health and wellness in general. Renz_228

Here are six ways that de-cluttering can help improve your life:

  • Shifts focus to what matters most. Less stuff means that you can focus more on the task at hand, or more important matters than the inanimate objects around you. Cleaning your space will bring clarity and allow you to trust your intuition as you realize what is and is not necessary in your life.
  • Resolves personal issues. Digging through old stuff is like sorting through your past. Clutter can bring up emotions and memories that have stuck with you, and each one you confront will make room for new beginnings.
  • Brings balance. Clutter is like a blockage in your home’s feng shui. When it’s removed, positive energy can flow more freely, making room for re-arranging and fresh thinking.
  • Gives you more time. One mass cleaning will eliminate to do so again in the future. Less stuff means less things to tidy up, allowing you to run your household more efficiently. You’ll be able to get things done rather than getting distracted with unwanted clutter in your way.
  • More space. This one is obvious but one of the best reasons to spring clean—create more room! Make the most of the space you have by ridding it of unnecessary items. Re-arranging and re-decorating will give your home a fresh, clean feel before summertime.
  • Makes you happier. Don’t become a hoarder. Letting go of things you don’t need in your life will feel like a weight off your shoulders and help you breathe easier. De-cluttering also sets a great example for your children to show that material items are not crucial to a happy life.

Wallpaper: Is It Out Of Style?

Interior design trends come and go, but wallpaper is one that continues to stick around. zebra scalamandre

The popularity of wallpaper reached its peak in the early 19th century with the invention of machine printing. It began, as most hot new items do, as a quite luxurious product for wealthier homes, but soon became mass produced and widespread in interior décor. Classic wallpaper styles were generally elaborate and almost gaudy, like a paisley pattern that would be in your grandma’s house. Once it became commonplace in working class households, wallpaper was no longer all the rage, and its popularity began to fade along with its physical lifespan.

Applying wallpaper is difficult. Aligning patterns, wrestling with rolls of sticky paper, and pressing onto the wall without lumps is nowhere near as simple as painting a wall. Perhaps the tricky application process contributed to wallpaper’s decline in home design, or perhaps it was the out-of-date patterns that turned people off. But like most lifestyle trends, wallpaper has made a comeback with a modern twist.

Back in the day, wallpaper was used as a background to a room, whereas it is widely used as a foreground now. Bold colors and patterns can act as the focal point of a space with little need for more wall adornments. Today’s wallpaper styles are less about looking luxurious and more about working with other elements in the room. It also doesn’t have to be so bold that it takes over a room—many interiors utilize wallpaper with subtle patterns and neutral colors.

So, is wallpaper out of style? While the medium itself has re-gained popularity, the old fashioned patterns seen in many mid-19th century homes are no longer all the rage. Depending on how you use it, wallpaper can be contemporary and stylish.

Check out our work to see how we’ve used wallpaper to create beautiful spaces!

Interior Design Trend Forecast for 2016

A new year brings new trends. As interior designers, it’s always exciting for us to anticipate what’s on the horizon in our industry, from colors and room themes to furniture and popular products. Design is ever changing, adapting to advances in technology, cultural influences, and what’s currently “in.” Here’s our forecast for 2016 interior design trends:Spot-On SideTable-Gold

  • Minimalism. Nothing is the new something when it comes to decorating. We’re constantly seeing blank walls and empty corners rather than full. The minimalist trend allows a space’s natural curves, architecture and lighting speak for itself, ridding the need for excess embellishment.
  • Geometrics. Triangles and polygons are everywhere in design at the moment. We’re seeing geometric shapes in everything from a single piece of wall art to patterns in backsplashes and flooring.
  • Leafy greens. House plants have long been a finishing touch in interior design, but the popularity of these potted life forms significantly increased in 2015. Plants are integrated into so many photo spreads, catalogs and inspiration boards that they seem almost second nature in modern room design. A simple vase of flowers is no longer enough—think small trees, large palm leaves and hanging pots overflowing with leaves.
  • Warm metallics. The popularity of copper, brass, and rose gold will continue into this year. From Moscow Mule mugs to bathroom shelves, these warmly toned metals are a stylish juxtaposition to natural materials like wood and stone. Metallic materials are a great investment because they’ll last—both in quality and style.
  • Retro style. Furnishings are dipping back to decades ago with 1960s-70s design elements. Perhaps it’s a nostalgia for the quirky mid-century design era or an escape from today’s increasingly digital world, but whether we like it or not, the ‘70s are here to stay. 

What interior design trends are you excited to see in your home this year? Leave us a comment to let us know!

Bright Ideas: Keep Your Home Feeling Warm This Winter

The cold, dark days of winter are upon us, but that’s no reason to feel dreary! With many months of “brrr” ahead, it’s important to keep your home feeling warm and fresh. A happy, cheerful household will help keep spirits bright during those dark winter days. Here are some simple ways to maintain a positive mood in your home this season:

GR Lifestyles Orange and Blue Bedroom

GR Lifestyles Orange and Blue Bedroom

Pops of color. Bust the winter blues with bursts of warm colors. Incorporate sunny hues into your décor with bright pillowcases, accessories, artwork and rugs. Color evokes mood, so it’s a simple way to instantly make a space happier.

Capture the sunlight. Keep blinds and curtains open during the day to welcome in the little sunlight that might shine through—white or light-colored curtains are your best bet.

Keep it cozy. Layer your couches, chairs and beds with pillows and oversized blankets. A snuggle-ready room will keep you and your family cozy all winter long, no matter how cold it is outside.

Summer scents. Light candles that smell of coconut, an ocean breeze, or tropical fruits. A strong scent can immediately trigger thoughts of a faraway place or summery scene.

Use patterns and texture. A room that is busy with bold patterns and interesting textures feels fuller than one that is stark and white. Bedding, rugs, and shams with pattern will aesthetically fill a space, making it look and feel cozier.

Flower power. Pick up some eye candy at the farmer’s market or grocery store. Fresh flowers bring life to any space, especially when your garden is asleep for the winter. Bonus points for bringing them home to your wife or husband—something you both can enjoy!

Check out some GG Interiors projects for some sunny décor inspiration, and contact us for an interior design consultation that will help your home beat the winter blues!

Top Home-Sprucing Projects to Do Before the Holidays

We are about to enter that time of year that, while full of all of the wonderful holiday things, is also quite busy. Now is the best time to address some of those home-sprucing projects that you put off all summer, and may need to do to prep for the season ahead…Renz_083-01

Rearrange with entertaining in mind. This is the time of year when you’re probably going to have the most foot traffic. Even if you aren’t hosting several holiday parties and events, you will likely be hosting at least one relative or guest. Look at the main areas of your home where guests will be (such as the living room and kitchen), and rearrange furniture to be more conducive to foot traffic.

Give your house a good deep clean. Before the holiday craziness arrives, now is an excellent opportunity to give your whole home a deep-clean. It may take some time, depending on the size of your home, but you will feel accomplished and ready to take on holiday entertaining and busyness with completely fresh, clean living spaces.

De-clutter and organize. With all of those holiday decorations about, your normal décor is probably going to make things look disjointed and cluttered. Put away the extra tabletop accessories and accents to make room for your holiday decorations, while clearing up as many surfaces as you can (tabletops and dressers).

Spruce up the guest space. Houseguests can be a joy and a hindrance, but they deserve to feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay. If you have guests coming to stay with you this holiday season, go a step further than merely tidying your guest room and making the bed with fresh sheets. Make them feel all the more special with some personal touches, such as a candle in their favorite scent, storage space for them to unpack, and maybe a little spa kit to relax.

Clean, dry and store your outdoor furniture. It’s only going to get wetter, so it’s best to bring your outdoor furniture into your garage or storage area to prevent the damage that leaving it out all winter will bring. This is particularly important with wood furniture, which can warp, split or decay if left out in the elements.

7 Fall Interior Design Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Fall is here, and it’s time for a décor update! There are some pretty wonderful fall interior design trends that we simply can’t get enough of, and want to share…


White on white. Fresh, clean, and sophisticated to boot, the white-on-white look is brightening up spaces everywhere. And with the gloomy winter season upon us, there’s no better time to illuminate your living space with refreshing white tones.

Glamour. Sofas and chairs with curvy lines and upholstered with luxurious fabrics, and elegantly sleek furniture pieces with a tuxedo-like color combination are on-point. Malachite is also a fabulous material for jazzing up a space with glamour.

Metallic leather. Chic, eye-catching and fabulous, furniture that is upholstered with metallic leather is on everyone’s radar this season! It’s that extra kick of shimmer that any room could use to brighten things up and get some glam going.

Bold patterns. With audacious appeal and stage-setting panache, bold, graphic patterns are making a statement this season. Deck the walls with zebra, ikat, Asian prints, and quirky graphic wallpapers for a stunning setting.

Bright with black. If you’re at all familiar with GG Interiors and Graciela’s style, you know how much we love using black as a bold accent – on a wall or otherwise. For Fall 2015, it’s becoming more and more fun to contrast vivid bright colors on a sleek black backdrop.

Chunky accessories. It is the season, after all, for cozy throws to keep you warm. Get comfy with fashionably chunky knit throw pillows and accent blankets for a look that’s textured and modish as well as cozy and welcoming.

Pleats. Whether they’re in the force of stacked creases or complimenting a sofa’s simplicity with discreet box pleats, these fresh, cute tucks and gathers are just the thing to add a bit more stylish flair. Ribbed accents such as throw pillows are also totally vogue.

The Magic of Mirrors: 10 Tips for Decorating with Reflection

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Forget the fairytales— mirrors have much more potential than being a tool for the vain. A mirror can enhance a space by reflecting light, creating an illusion of openness, and working with other design elements in adornment of the room. Follow these tips for decorating with mirrors to add some reflections to your room that are anything but random:Lake WA home

  • Be mindful of the reflection. Don’t place a mirror somewhere that will reflect clutter or a dead space, but rather a nice feature or piece of furniture. Placing a mirror on the opposite wall of a beloved work of art creates double the view!
  • Don’t put mirrors on the ceiling. It’s tacky.
  • Keep mirrors limited in the kitchen, where there are many shiny appliances and generally plenty of light.
  • Horizontal mirrors work well in staircases or hallways, creating a nice flow between rooms and widening the space.
  • Make a mirror the focal point of a room with a bold, decorative frame.
  • A long, thin mirror makes for a great table runner in the dining room. Set candles, plants and vases on top for a unique centerpiece.
  • The classic mirror trick is to make a room seem larger. Use a sizeable mirror in a small area, either nailed into the wall or propped against it, to instantly open the space.
  • Setting a mirror behind candles will create a nice, soft light.
  • Let a mirror act like another window. If a room has great natural light, show it off with mirrors that reflect it throughout the space.
  • Mix and match mirrors on the same wall. Use various frames, shapes and sizes to make an interesting pattern for the eye.

Is decorating with mirrors still a mystery to you? Let us help with your next interior design project!

Patio Design

Summer is here, and that means we’re spending our days, evenings, and nights outside as much as possible. What better way to enjoy the season than by making the most of your patio? Whether you’re grilling with your family, drinking sangria with friends, or relaxing alone with a book, a nice patio has the capacity to enrich your whole experience of summer.

Here at GG Home, interior design isn’t just for the inside! Here are a few style ideas for summer patio looks that will make the most of the season.

Contemporary European Cottage

The classic image of a family sitting together enjoying lunch in their picturesque country-style patio is an excellent influence to channel, and can bring elements of European heritage to a patio that might otherwise be quite modern. Sweet, subtle flowers like roses or baby’s breath, or sophisticated climbing plants like ivy, are key for this design inspiration. Wrought iron furniture, brickwork walls, and stone planters or statuary will help bring out nostalgia in your contemporary setting.

Bring Your Living Room Outside

Not literally, of course, but it makes sense to have a patio that’s cohesive in design with your indoor living space. Choose patio furniture similar to the lines of your other decor. If you’re drawing inspiration from mid-20th century modern design, maybe choose patio furniture with long, large seats and low backs, and a glass-top patio table. Steer away from the tropical and more toward the primary, but don’t be afraid of bold, strong colors. These can come across in flowers you plant around your patio in either movable pots or the soil itself, and you might want to add decorations like durable pieces of outdoor art. Intriguing vases or planters, abstract sculpture, or weather-resistant mirrors are great choices.

Add Zen Inspiration

You want your patio to inspire a sense of serenity and natural peacefulness in you and your guests. If you want your patio to act as a kind of refuge, incorporate some Japanese or Asian design principles. Low, wooden benches or levels surrounded by a sand or a rock garden is a lovely choice. Try installing a small Japanese maple within eyesight for a pop of natural color, and incorporate a water fixture that will add an element of relaxing auditory stimulation. Sliding paper doors leading from your home to the patio will complete the look, or perhaps a pergola as the roof, which is a structure or archway with a slatted framework that allows creeping plants to drape over the top and form a kind of canopy. The clean lines of this kind of design will compliment any interior.

Come into GG Home for more design ideas!

We Love LEE Industries Furniture!

With great design comes fabulous furniture. At GG Home, one of our favorite parts about interior design is working with amazing products that we are proud to present to clients. A beautiful piece of furniture or art will often inspire the overall design of a space. We know that choosing a new couch or table can be overwhelming with the abundance of options out there, which is why we’ve carefully selected our favorite brands to be showcased in-store and recommended for your home.

One of our best selling items is LEE Industries furniture. It’s a consistently great product that we’re proud to offer to our clients. LEE offers products for the whole home, from headboards to room accents to outdoor items. We have used this furniture in many of our interior designs along with selling it in the GG Home store.

LEE furniture began in 1969 with the mission to manufacture quality, American-made products. The family-owned company has built every one of their items in the USA since then. 98 percent of the parts in LEE products are supplied domestically including packaging, fabrics, frames, foam, etc. From the website: “We are committed to the good of our customers, our associates, our vendors, our community, and our environment. Through diligence, foresight and perseverance, we have become a leader in upholstery manufacturing with outstanding products, superb customer service and cutting edge technology. Thanks to the craftsmanship and team spirit that is the hallmark of LEE’s success, every masterpiece is built with pride in the USA.”

It’s wonderful to see beautiful furniture and home products that are ethically manufactured. When we design with LEE furniture, we are supporting the company’s mission along with creating a fresh living space in your house. GG Home is proud to provide these American-made products to our clients, and excited that this is one of our best sellers! Contact us or come on in to the store to get started on your interior design project.

Fresh Decorating for Spring

As winter begins to wind down, everyone is getting a bit of spring fever. Naturally, thoughts and inspiration turn to the home and ways to breathe life and freshness into your décor. There are some fabulous ways to create almost a makeover without actually going to all that effort. All it takes is a few changes, some creative inspiration, and you are on your way!

GR Lifestyles Turquoise Tulips

GR Lifestyles Tulips and Turquoise

  • Get a new coat. Of paint, that is. Any room gets an instant brightening face-lift with a new, lighter color.
  • De-clutter. It’s amazing how de-cluttering can not only give your home a fresh lift, but your mood as well. Make sure to choose storage bins that are light and fresh and add a design element all their own.
  • Reflect on it. Mirrors are a great way to not only replicate your existing light, but also to make even the smallest room open up and appear more spacious.
  • Color it! Chase away those winter drabs with some new throws, pillows, or a brightly colored vase to sprinkle subtle, but eye-popping color to your room.
  • Open it. Your windows, we mean. Start with the old-fashioned spring window cleaning inside and out to wash away that winter grime. Finish up with simple, airy window treatments and give your eyes a window on the world.
  • Quick art. Update your walls with the aura of spring and create some easy, new art to dot throughout your home. Just a few new pieces can really transform a room.
  • Shine a light on it. Add lighting to dark corners, or illuminate and highlight artwork. Adding hidden strip lighting under cabinets and within bookshelves opens up those dark “holes”.
  • White out. Pack away those deeper, dark linens from winter and brighten up your bedroom with crisp, white ones.
  • Center it. A simple floral centerpiece on the table will freshen up the entire room. There is no need for expensive arrangements from the florist with these elegant ideas.

As you can see, it doesn’t take an extensive overhaul of your home to create a whole new look. Think bright, simple, and bold pops of color for spring!