Trending Colors for Fall 2015

Your home is your refuge, your delight, and another way to showcase your personality. Wall color is the foundation for all of the things that create a comfortable, cherished, and representative space. It can totally transform the mood of a space, and give a room exciting energy or relaxed bliss.

Color authority Pantone released their predictions for trending colors for fall 2015 a few months ago, and we’re excited about the mix of bold and rich tones that they forecasted. Elle Décor recently shared an infographic about Pantone’s 10 predicted ‘down to earth’ colors for fall 2015, which described the fall color palette as “[weaving] earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.”

Pantone Fall 2015

We are all about these beautiful hues, which bring back the fun, optimistic sentiments of the 1960s and ‘70s. The softer pastel colors of Cadmum Orange, Cashmere Rose, Desert Sage, and Oak Buff compliment the darker, duskier Dried Herb and Stormy Weather. Richer, vibrant hues such as Amethyst Orchid, Marsala, Biscay Bay, and Reflecting Pond round out the palette with some gusto.

These predictions are far from random – Pantone polls designers from many industries to learn the colors they plan to use in their products for upcoming seasons. Then, they update the rest of us with the results so that we can all get excited about color!

As we near the end of summer, it’s a great time to give your home décor a second look. Is it time for a little update (or a big one)? Now is the time to get started, so that everything is finished before the holiday craziness hits. Visit our store near the University Village to get some inspiration and some beautiful pieces, or contact us if you think you could use some professional consultation or assistance!

How To Protect Your Home’s Interior From Sun Damage

It’s hot out there! The sizzling summer sun can have lasting effects on your home’s interior as it beats down on furniture and décor throughout the day. Carpets, drapes, hardwood flooring, artwork, sofas, chairs and more that are exposed to direct sunlight are susceptible to sun damage such as fading, drying, and cracking. Fabrics and leather are strong, but UV rays are stronger, and can even shine through windows on cloudy or rainy days. As longer and hotter days approach, here are some tips for protecting your home’s interior from sun and heat damage:

Play musical chairs. Move things around so that any one item is not constantly soaking in direct sunlight. Switch similar furniture or art pieces between sunny and dark rooms a few times throughout the summer to reduce sun exposure.

Window tinting. No need to be completely in the dark—even the slightest shaded window film can significantly protect interior items from fading. Tinted windows still allow plenty of natural light in, while blocking harmful UV rays to significantly reduce heat and sun damage. Solar Control window films can also block up to 79% of incoming solar energy, reducing the amount of heat coming into your home and therefore saving you money on air conditioning bills.

Add protective layers. Just like we apply sunscreen to our skin, fabrics and upholsteries should be protected from the sun. Cover couches with blankets during the day, and coat outdoor furniture with protective sealants (check out what products are best for specific materials here).

Draw the shades. Before leaving the house, you should create as much shade as possible. Close blinds and drapes, which will sacrifice the sun’s heat to protect the rest of the interior space. Keep windows cracked to allow a breeze.

Communicate with your designer. When designing your interior space, we are here to help! Ask questions, create a flexible space that can be rotated during the peak of summer sunshine, and work together to organize furniture and décor with fading in mind.

Patio Design

Summer is here, and that means we’re spending our days, evenings, and nights outside as much as possible. What better way to enjoy the season than by making the most of your patio? Whether you’re grilling with your family, drinking sangria with friends, or relaxing alone with a book, a nice patio has the capacity to enrich your whole experience of summer.

Here at GG Home, interior design isn’t just for the inside! Here are a few style ideas for summer patio looks that will make the most of the season.

Contemporary European Cottage

The classic image of a family sitting together enjoying lunch in their picturesque country-style patio is an excellent influence to channel, and can bring elements of European heritage to a patio that might otherwise be quite modern. Sweet, subtle flowers like roses or baby’s breath, or sophisticated climbing plants like ivy, are key for this design inspiration. Wrought iron furniture, brickwork walls, and stone planters or statuary will help bring out nostalgia in your contemporary setting.

Bring Your Living Room Outside

Not literally, of course, but it makes sense to have a patio that’s cohesive in design with your indoor living space. Choose patio furniture similar to the lines of your other decor. If you’re drawing inspiration from mid-20th century modern design, maybe choose patio furniture with long, large seats and low backs, and a glass-top patio table. Steer away from the tropical and more toward the primary, but don’t be afraid of bold, strong colors. These can come across in flowers you plant around your patio in either movable pots or the soil itself, and you might want to add decorations like durable pieces of outdoor art. Intriguing vases or planters, abstract sculpture, or weather-resistant mirrors are great choices.

Add Zen Inspiration

You want your patio to inspire a sense of serenity and natural peacefulness in you and your guests. If you want your patio to act as a kind of refuge, incorporate some Japanese or Asian design principles. Low, wooden benches or levels surrounded by a sand or a rock garden is a lovely choice. Try installing a small Japanese maple within eyesight for a pop of natural color, and incorporate a water fixture that will add an element of relaxing auditory stimulation. Sliding paper doors leading from your home to the patio will complete the look, or perhaps a pergola as the roof, which is a structure or archway with a slatted framework that allows creeping plants to drape over the top and form a kind of canopy. The clean lines of this kind of design will compliment any interior.

Come into GG Home for more design ideas!

Color Theory for Interior Design

Color is powerful. It is emotional, representative, and evokes a mood. The use of color in interior design is one of the most important elements when configuring a space, setting the scene for the room’s function and feel. All GR Interior designs are carefully thought out when it comes to the color palate and how it will affect the purpose of the space.

GR Lifestyles Zebra Living Room

Zebra Living Room

Some color meanings are obvious: greens for earthy tones, reds for warmth, yellow for sunny rooms. The way we use colors to compliment or contrast each other can create a specific mood, drawing from the following basics of color theory:

• Red: passion, daring, intimate, comforting, stimulates appetite
• Orange: creative, warm, friendly, inviting
• Yellow: welcoming, sunny, thoughtful
• Green: tranquil, restful, balancing, healthy
• Blue: productivity, clarity, calm, meditative, tranquil
• Purple: royal, regal, mysterious, cooling, spiritual
• Pink: feminine, positive, fun, playful
• Brown: sophistication, masculine, complimentary, earthy

Black, white, and grey are used as complimentary or neutral colors in interior design. Their purpose is often to enhance the other colors in the room by providing a subtle background for bolder hues. Accents of bright green or blue can brighten darker color tones, and warm colors such as red or gold can be used to warm a bland background such as grey. Rooms with mostly white or a light color exude open and airy space, while rooms based around blacks or browns create a warm, intimate feel.

At GG Home, we aren’t shy when it comes to color! Playing with different palates and compositions allows us to bring a certain personality to a room through furniture, décor and paints. No matter what types of objects occupy a room, the first thing you notice is color. Our expert design team uses and executes color theory in each project, creating an appropriate mood for your living space and preferences.

Contact us to get started on your next interior design project!

We Love LEE Industries Furniture!

With great design comes fabulous furniture. At GG Home, one of our favorite parts about interior design is working with amazing products that we are proud to present to clients. A beautiful piece of furniture or art will often inspire the overall design of a space. We know that choosing a new couch or table can be overwhelming with the abundance of options out there, which is why we’ve carefully selected our favorite brands to be showcased in-store and recommended for your home.

One of our best selling items is LEE Industries furniture. It’s a consistently great product that we’re proud to offer to our clients. LEE offers products for the whole home, from headboards to room accents to outdoor items. We have used this furniture in many of our interior designs along with selling it in the GG Home store.

LEE furniture began in 1969 with the mission to manufacture quality, American-made products. The family-owned company has built every one of their items in the USA since then. 98 percent of the parts in LEE products are supplied domestically including packaging, fabrics, frames, foam, etc. From the website: “We are committed to the good of our customers, our associates, our vendors, our community, and our environment. Through diligence, foresight and perseverance, we have become a leader in upholstery manufacturing with outstanding products, superb customer service and cutting edge technology. Thanks to the craftsmanship and team spirit that is the hallmark of LEE’s success, every masterpiece is built with pride in the USA.”

It’s wonderful to see beautiful furniture and home products that are ethically manufactured. When we design with LEE furniture, we are supporting the company’s mission along with creating a fresh living space in your house. GG Home is proud to provide these American-made products to our clients, and excited that this is one of our best sellers! Contact us or come on in to the store to get started on your interior design project.

Fresh Decorating for Spring

As winter begins to wind down, everyone is getting a bit of spring fever. Naturally, thoughts and inspiration turn to the home and ways to breathe life and freshness into your décor. There are some fabulous ways to create almost a makeover without actually going to all that effort. All it takes is a few changes, some creative inspiration, and you are on your way!

GR Lifestyles Turquoise Tulips

GR Lifestyles Tulips and Turquoise

  • Get a new coat. Of paint, that is. Any room gets an instant brightening face-lift with a new, lighter color.
  • De-clutter. It’s amazing how de-cluttering can not only give your home a fresh lift, but your mood as well. Make sure to choose storage bins that are light and fresh and add a design element all their own.
  • Reflect on it. Mirrors are a great way to not only replicate your existing light, but also to make even the smallest room open up and appear more spacious.
  • Color it! Chase away those winter drabs with some new throws, pillows, or a brightly colored vase to sprinkle subtle, but eye-popping color to your room.
  • Open it. Your windows, we mean. Start with the old-fashioned spring window cleaning inside and out to wash away that winter grime. Finish up with simple, airy window treatments and give your eyes a window on the world.
  • Quick art. Update your walls with the aura of spring and create some easy, new art to dot throughout your home. Just a few new pieces can really transform a room.
  • Shine a light on it. Add lighting to dark corners, or illuminate and highlight artwork. Adding hidden strip lighting under cabinets and within bookshelves opens up those dark “holes”.
  • White out. Pack away those deeper, dark linens from winter and brighten up your bedroom with crisp, white ones.
  • Center it. A simple floral centerpiece on the table will freshen up the entire room. There is no need for expensive arrangements from the florist with these elegant ideas.

As you can see, it doesn’t take an extensive overhaul of your home to create a whole new look. Think bright, simple, and bold pops of color for spring!

Accessories to Make Your Dining Room Distinctive

It is a fun and creative process as you work with your designer to make your home a beautiful place that reflects you and your lifestyle. However, all too often, much time and emphasis is placed on the living, kitchen, and sleeping areas in a home, leaving the dining room as almost as after thought.

The dining room is a key player in your entertaining schedule, so don’t leave its look to leftovers. Check out our gallery for some fun, classy, and exotic ways to accessorize the space with not only beautiful pieces, but ones that serve a purpose for entertaining and meals.

  • Plum Table Setting

    Love this Plum and Turquoise table scape for Spring

    Platters and Plates: Not only are there endless possibilities of wonderful service pieces to help you in your entertaining events, but these are truly pieces of art and too lovely to look at, that it would be a shame to tuck them away in a hutch when not in use. Rather than adorn your surfaces with knick-knacks, pull out some of your beautiful service pieces and put them to work as a part of your room décor.

  • Glasses and Goblets: At GR, we have them in a multitude of hues to add a play of light and glow to your dining space. These are wonderful holding votive candles, glass beads, or beautiful stones to complement your style and colors.
  • Home Vanity: Often times relegated to the bedroom, this piece is wonderful to not only put to use housing your dining room linens, but it’s top surface provides a great space to use to tie in your accessories, framed photos, or top with a beautiful lamp.
  • Home Tea Set: this lovely set and others that we carry in GG Home is perfect for bringing out of the china hutch and setting on the home vanity on a tray. It is just begging to be used and has beautiful lines that would complement either a classic or contemporary home style.
  • Porcelain Dishes: These footed bowls are lovely for storing and displaying your beautiful linens while at the same time, drawing your accent colors into your dining space. GG Home has a wide selection of sizes and shapes to fit your need.
  • Candle in a Jar: These are perfect clustered on a tray, ready to add soft ambiance to your entertaining. The jars catch and reflect the light beautifully and add warmth.

Remember not to neglect your dining space and have fun accessorizing. Look at your utilitarian pieces in a whole new light, pull them out of hiding and put them to work around your room so you can enjoy their beauty and the reasons they caught your eye in the first place.

Modern Updates to your Holiday Décor

‘Tis the season to get festive and dust off those Christmas decorations—the holidays are here! Are you tired of looking at that set of nutcrackers from the ‘90s? Have you exhausted all possible arrangements of those worn out Santa figurines? Try these modern updates for traditional holiday decorations to spruce up those outdated adornments:

Leave the leafy wreath behind

A wreath made of tree branches has so much more potential than the traditional green circle. Give a wreath some love with extra ornaments or holly berries, or try a new technique all together. Think outside the box (or rather, circle) for materials—pinecones, wine corks, rolled paper, candy canes, colored paper clips, round ornaments, all can come together to make a unique, modern wreath.

Ornaments don’t just have to be for the tree

Have you accumulated so many ornaments over the years that they no longer fit on the tree? No need to pack away your favorites due to a lack of branch space—these little figurines can be used throughout the house as added adornment. Hang from large plants or decorative branches, use in table centerpieces, place on the mantle, or fill a glass bowl as an easy tabletop decoration.

Play with color

If you’re not a big fan of literal Christmas decorations such as stuffed reindeer or Santa statues, let the colors of the holidays do the work. A table setting of green and gold, a mantel filled with silver pieces, or a room with pops of red does the trick without the need of Christmas characters smiling throughout your home.

Keep it simple

Less is more in home décor, and the same goes for dressing your house for the holidays. Spread the Christmas cheer throughout the entire house by keeping displays minimal in each room. A simple garland or arrangement of festive candles go a long way and create a focal point in the space.

Happy holidays from all of us at Graciela Rutkowski Interiors!

Featured photo found here.

Come in! Peek into a GG Interiors Designer’s Home

If you’ve ever hired an interior designer, you understand the transformation a space can undergo. You’ve seen how a room can go from flat to fabulous with the right eye to lead the change. After witnessing the magic touch of an interior designer, ever wonder what his or her home looks like? Seattle Refined took a step into the house of one of our senior designers to see how her professional talents translated into life at home. Read the full article here.
lux house saindpoint

Stacy Aymond is a senior designer at Graciela Rutkowski Interiors. Britt Thorson of Seattle Refined visited Aymond’s home in the Windermere neighborhood of Seattle. Just like her work for clients, Aymond’s home interior is gorgeous. The décor is bold, quirky and fun. She’s definitely not afraid of bright colors or unexpected patterns—the bathroom is covered in zebra wallpaper! From leopard print rugs to a chandelier that looks like a firework, Aymond’s home accents are unique while also being chic. That’s right—bright orange furniture and eclectic lighting can work! Click here to view the article’s photo gallery.

Aymond’s home is on the market with Northwest Group Real Estate for $1,895,000. Ammenities include Windermere Beach Club access, patio, four fireplaces, a walk-in closet, deck, wet bar, dog run, tile master bathroom, and more.

Seattle Refined has also featured GG Interiors in the Home section for many projects, including colorful rooms, nurseries, and patriotic designs.

So there you have it, a peek inside an interior designers house. You can explore more of our projects in our portfolio. At GG Interiors, our designers are committed to excellent customer service to create a collaborative process. We understand that the relationship with your designer is just as important as the relationship with your home, and strive to make the experience an exciting one! Contact us to get started.

Featured photo via

GG Interiors in the Huffington Post

We’re thrilled to announce that Graciela Rutowski Interiors was recently featured in a Huffington Post article among other talented interior designers. The article, titled “6 Tiled Rooms That Take Things Beautifully Beyond The Backsplash” by Samantha Toscano, features beautiful bathroom design that uses tile as the room’s main attraction. Thank you for including us!

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.42.48 AM

The piece focuses on rooms that incorporate stunning tile backsplashes or wall patterns into the overall design, becoming the main attraction of the room’s décor. GR Interior’s bathroom design in our 5000 Home project is featured in the article. Along with the tile backsplash, this project included a traditional, minimalist, craftsman theme throughout the home. The vertical tiled pattern in the shower brings an element of depth to the room and adds texture to the clean, white space. The article describes our design’s classic look and practicality: “Swapping striped wallpaper for a tiled design isn’t just chic—it’s practical in rooms like the bathroom.” This arrangement of tile is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for the small space. It creates a simple centerpiece for the room so that excessive decorations are not necessary. Check out our bathroom decorating tips for more ideas.

Make sure to check out the Huffington Post article and our 5000 Home project on! View our complete portfolio here. Contact us at GG Interiors to begin your interior re-design… who knows, maybe your home could be the next one featured in a publication like Huffington Post!