Spring Cleaning: 6 Ways De-Cluttering Improves Your Life

With winter warming up and the sunshine making its yearly debut, it’s time for spring cleaning. A clean sweep of your home can work wonders not just for drawer space and interior aesthetic, but for your health and wellness in general. Renz_228

Here are six ways that de-cluttering can help improve your life:

  • Shifts focus to what matters most. Less stuff means that you can focus more on the task at hand, or more important matters than the inanimate objects around you. Cleaning your space will bring clarity and allow you to trust your intuition as you realize what is and is not necessary in your life.
  • Resolves personal issues. Digging through old stuff is like sorting through your past. Clutter can bring up emotions and memories that have stuck with you, and each one you confront will make room for new beginnings.
  • Brings balance. Clutter is like a blockage in your home’s feng shui. When it’s removed, positive energy can flow more freely, making room for re-arranging and fresh thinking.
  • Gives you more time. One mass cleaning will eliminate to do so again in the future. Less stuff means less things to tidy up, allowing you to run your household more efficiently. You’ll be able to get things done rather than getting distracted with unwanted clutter in your way.
  • More space. This one is obvious but one of the best reasons to spring clean—create more room! Make the most of the space you have by ridding it of unnecessary items. Re-arranging and re-decorating will give your home a fresh, clean feel before summertime.
  • Makes you happier. Don’t become a hoarder. Letting go of things you don’t need in your life will feel like a weight off your shoulders and help you breathe easier. De-cluttering also sets a great example for your children to show that material items are not crucial to a happy life.

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