Bright Ideas: Keep Your Home Feeling Warm This Winter

The cold, dark days of winter are upon us, but that’s no reason to feel dreary! With many months of “brrr” ahead, it’s important to keep your home feeling warm and fresh. A happy, cheerful household will help keep spirits bright during those dark winter days. Here are some simple ways to maintain a positive mood in your home this season:

GR Lifestyles Orange and Blue Bedroom

GR Lifestyles Orange and Blue Bedroom

Pops of color. Bust the winter blues with bursts of warm colors. Incorporate sunny hues into your décor with bright pillowcases, accessories, artwork and rugs. Color evokes mood, so it’s a simple way to instantly make a space happier.

Capture the sunlight. Keep blinds and curtains open during the day to welcome in the little sunlight that might shine through—white or light-colored curtains are your best bet.

Keep it cozy. Layer your couches, chairs and beds with pillows and oversized blankets. A snuggle-ready room will keep you and your family cozy all winter long, no matter how cold it is outside.

Summer scents. Light candles that smell of coconut, an ocean breeze, or tropical fruits. A strong scent can immediately trigger thoughts of a faraway place or summery scene.

Use patterns and texture. A room that is busy with bold patterns and interesting textures feels fuller than one that is stark and white. Bedding, rugs, and shams with pattern will aesthetically fill a space, making it look and feel cozier.

Flower power. Pick up some eye candy at the farmer’s market or grocery store. Fresh flowers bring life to any space, especially when your garden is asleep for the winter. Bonus points for bringing them home to your wife or husband—something you both can enjoy!

Check out some GG Interiors projects for some sunny décor inspiration, and contact us for an interior design consultation that will help your home beat the winter blues!

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