Top Home-Sprucing Projects to Do Before the Holidays

We are about to enter that time of year that, while full of all of the wonderful holiday things, is also quite busy. Now is the best time to address some of those home-sprucing projects that you put off all summer, and may need to do to prep for the season ahead…Renz_083-01

Rearrange with entertaining in mind. This is the time of year when you’re probably going to have the most foot traffic. Even if you aren’t hosting several holiday parties and events, you will likely be hosting at least one relative or guest. Look at the main areas of your home where guests will be (such as the living room and kitchen), and rearrange furniture to be more conducive to foot traffic.

Give your house a good deep clean. Before the holiday craziness arrives, now is an excellent opportunity to give your whole home a deep-clean. It may take some time, depending on the size of your home, but you will feel accomplished and ready to take on holiday entertaining and busyness with completely fresh, clean living spaces.

De-clutter and organize. With all of those holiday decorations about, your normal décor is probably going to make things look disjointed and cluttered. Put away the extra tabletop accessories and accents to make room for your holiday decorations, while clearing up as many surfaces as you can (tabletops and dressers).

Spruce up the guest space. Houseguests can be a joy and a hindrance, but they deserve to feel welcome and comfortable throughout their stay. If you have guests coming to stay with you this holiday season, go a step further than merely tidying your guest room and making the bed with fresh sheets. Make them feel all the more special with some personal touches, such as a candle in their favorite scent, storage space for them to unpack, and maybe a little spa kit to relax.

Clean, dry and store your outdoor furniture. It’s only going to get wetter, so it’s best to bring your outdoor furniture into your garage or storage area to prevent the damage that leaving it out all winter will bring. This is particularly important with wood furniture, which can warp, split or decay if left out in the elements.

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