Color Theory for Interior Design

Color is powerful. It is emotional, representative, and evokes a mood. The use of color in interior design is one of the most important elements when configuring a space, setting the scene for the room’s function and feel. All GR Interior designs are carefully thought out when it comes to the color palate and how it will affect the purpose of the space.

GR Lifestyles Zebra Living Room

Zebra Living Room

Some color meanings are obvious: greens for earthy tones, reds for warmth, yellow for sunny rooms. The way we use colors to compliment or contrast each other can create a specific mood, drawing from the following basics of color theory:

• Red: passion, daring, intimate, comforting, stimulates appetite
• Orange: creative, warm, friendly, inviting
• Yellow: welcoming, sunny, thoughtful
• Green: tranquil, restful, balancing, healthy
• Blue: productivity, clarity, calm, meditative, tranquil
• Purple: royal, regal, mysterious, cooling, spiritual
• Pink: feminine, positive, fun, playful
• Brown: sophistication, masculine, complimentary, earthy

Black, white, and grey are used as complimentary or neutral colors in interior design. Their purpose is often to enhance the other colors in the room by providing a subtle background for bolder hues. Accents of bright green or blue can brighten darker color tones, and warm colors such as red or gold can be used to warm a bland background such as grey. Rooms with mostly white or a light color exude open and airy space, while rooms based around blacks or browns create a warm, intimate feel.

At GG Home, we aren’t shy when it comes to color! Playing with different palates and compositions allows us to bring a certain personality to a room through furniture, décor and paints. No matter what types of objects occupy a room, the first thing you notice is color. Our expert design team uses and executes color theory in each project, creating an appropriate mood for your living space and preferences.

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