5 Musts for Tabletop Décor

The holidays are here! As you get ready to set your holiday table, make sure you’ve got these musts for tabletop décor in mind…

  1. Holiday-table-decorationKeep it simple. A busy table can cause more problems than just serving difficulties. It’s easy to go overboard on the centerpiece, dishes, utensils, linens, accents, and so on, but avoid doing so! The table should be your presentation of the meal, and not the other way around. Keep it simple by starting from the necessary elements (like the serving dishes and cutlery), and then slowly add the extras. As a helpful tip for decoration, plan your centerpiece to take up a proportionate amount of the center of the table, so as not to crowd the place settings. Then add the candles and smaller table accents if there’s space that needs filling.
  2. Set it before you sit. Put out the empty serving dishes and utensils, as well as all of the dishes and décor before the big day. This way, you can make sure the table isn’t over-stuffed, and that it will look nice once everyone is seated and enjoying the meal.
  3. Add colorful accents. You can’t go wrong with a bright pop of color around the holiday table to spice things up. Choose colorful goblets or drinking glasses to stand out against neutral place settings. Or select a brilliant bouquet to use both color and texture to cheer up the tabletop. A colorful surprise here and there is sure to delight.
  4. Insert natural elements. ‘Tis is the season for pumpkins, pinecones, and evergreen boughs! Add some elements from outside to your tabletop, for a refreshing, traditional touch. Paint them, mix them in with man-made accents, or embellish them with ribbon, lace or string for a unique twist.
  5. Don’t go too high. Remember that the point of the meal is to gather and share a meal with family, friends, and loved ones while having conversation. Décor that goes too high will make that objective difficult, since it blocks views and dampens dialogue. Keep your centerpiece and decorative tabletop accents shorter than your guests’ average chest level if the décor is thick and hard to see through. If it’s tall and skinny (like an elevated candlestick), it won’t impede the conversation.

Happy Holidays from the team at GG Home and GG Interiors! We wish you a safe, warm holiday season.


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