All About Graciela Rutkowski Interiors Style

Back in March, Graciela had a fun chat with Cristin Priest over at the Simplified Bee blog. That conversation really brought out what Graciela and our whole team are trying to do within the world of home décor and interior design, so we wanted to take it a step further on our own blog.

Renz_2281Let’s start with the walls, and specifically, paint color. Graciela told Cristin about her favorite paint colors – Revere Pewter, Hale Navy, and Raccoon Fur from Benjamin Moore, and Seed Pearl from Pratt and Lambert. We love the grays and dark colors (Graciela is partial to black) because it gives a strong foundation to whatever palette you’re using in your room. Neutral walls offer a versatile backdrop to all sorts of colors and styles.

Graciela’s style, and the style of GG Home, is “casually elegant. Classics with a bit of modern thrown in,” as she told Cristin. How does that play out in practice? We keep the classic furniture shapes, with modern additions like Lucite, bright and shiny colors, and leopard print. In fact, no room is complete without a bit of leopard print, according to Graciela.

Relating to more than just style, we recommend that people splurge on the sofa in your family room, pillow fabrics, bed linens, and lampshades. The emphasis is placed on the areas and things you spend the most time with – your family room sofa is probably the most-used piece in your home, and you spend a huge portion of your life sleeping. Plus, the pillows and lampshades are the little extra details that really add punch and personality to your space – and you deserve some little luxuries here and there.

In the Q&A with Cristin, Graciela advised that people save on expensive custom tiles and the bedroom furniture. “I know, we all want to think we will use that beautiful Chaise, but it’s probably going to just hold clothing,” she said as an example – totally something lots of us do.

Graciela Rutkowski Interiors style comes down to elegant, but approachable design. Color is a must, and playful additions like leopard print and fur are fun textures and patterns that we really love to bring into a space to display personality and casual elegance.

What’s iconic to your style? Is there something that no space in your home is complete without?

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